Is human experimentation science mass murder in disguise

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A lot of today’s science involves introducing humans and animals to environments, foods, chemicals and so on contrary to the way it is coded in nature. It is like giving some humans other humans and animals to use as disposable toys during the experimental stage and when the products and environments are made final, these scientists and manufacturers who profit from mass production expand their list of victims to include everyone.

This means humans have collectively decided that life is not important and all that is important is money even it means deliberately killing oneself and others in the process. This means we have a world of sick humans who are all mentally challenged. This is a brutally honest assessment of the current nature of things and why it is virtually impossible to be totally healthy in today’s world without a big struggle. We are all involved in murdering others making life a continual mental challenge where no one can handle the truth anymore. We hide behind………………….

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What is the Healthy Diet for the Computer User

Computer Use Makes Our Bodies Demand Certain Nutrients More Than Others

Healthy eating or attempting to eat healthily is in fashion again. Everyone talks about organic food and fruits and vegetables. This is a good thing especially if we expect to have healthy younger generations to take care of us when we all grow old. If the coming generation is all sick there will be no one to take care of mum, dad and grandparents.

This issue is especially pressing in today’s world of overexposure to environmental toxins from computer use, workplace environment chemical and industrial pollution and so on. Many of these issues are not within the control of the average person. However, there is one in which many of us can exercise control. We can at least control what we put in our mouths in most cases.

Today’s work, school and home environments are computer intensive. That automatically exposes us to many artificial toxins creating stress in our bodies that specific nutrients are needed to handle. I learned all this the hard way when I fell dangerously ill. One of the contributing factors was that I had not been properly eating for the replenishment of particular nutrients heavily depleted by my computer use intensive work even though I was a healthy eater eating mainly organic food.

A fact of life is that though our bodies are created to self-repair, the repair function will not kick in unless all the requirements of the repair kit are in place and each item is in the exact configuration scripted in the code of the repair kit. That is the way codes work. As an IT professional, I will tell you that if the configuration the code of a process expects to find in any of the component of the process is corrupted or off in any way, the code will not run properly and you may end up with error filled results or in some cases it could crash the system such as when what we eat makes us sick or kills us (usually over time if we do not change our ways) and the system becomes overwhelmed with errors that are not corrected.

Since we expose ourselves to so much toxins from computer use and other environmental issues it is no brainer that eating organic (to avoid additional toxins from chemicals, pesticides and man made fertilizers) would be the way to go for a computer user to avoid overwhelming the body’s stress management system.

I learned the hard way that computer use stresses the body’s supply of minerals the brain uses a lot of such as iron and magnesium and vitamins such as Vitamin B, C and D and A/Beta Carotene (for the eyes).

My suggestion is to eat foods that can supply a lot of these nutrients and drink water to avoid dehydration also. Remember to eat organic fresh foods as much as possible. The extra cost will be returned many times over in the way of better health for all especially the kids we need to grow up healthy so they can take care of us in old age, reduced medical bills, higher productivity and maybe that long overdue promotion. Doing a whole Body Chemistry Blood work to determine depletion levels would be a good idea. It helped me. It could help you too.

These are just a few tips.

See you next time and do take care of yourself. We each have only one body and so our bodies are indispensable to us.

Please add your comments and your experience concerning this issue. It may help save a life.

Five Personal Hygiene Tips for the Computer User

Personal Hygiene Tips to Help with Computer Keyboard and Monitor Toxic Exposure

  1. Wash your hands – The age old advice to wash your hands before eating is very important for computer users as our fingers are constantly coming in contact with harmful germs and microbes from the keyboard which could be harmful if ingested over time.
  2. Have a daily bath or soaped down shower – A shower water rinse is not enough – There are two reasons for doing this. Firstly because we look at the computer screen at close range, the light fields being emitted off the screen to enable us see the words and graphics we read are constantly magnetized to our skins from where they are absorbed into our bodies. It is important to note that our eyes are not the only way that we absorb light field, our entire body skin is an entry point. These rays also stick to our skins and if left on they could accumulate and cause damage to the light receptors in our skin. A daily bath or soaped down shower would be a good idea. Get one of those new body sponges or use a bath cloth to soap down and cleanse the skin..                                                                                    Secondly, the body wash will massage your muscles and help improve circulation issues caused by the sedentary nature of computer use.
  1. Wash your face – Apart from the hands and fore arm, the face is the next closest part of our body to the computer and is in direct contact with the light rays that radiate off the screen regular facial wash twice a day would be a great idea to remove residual chemicals from our faces and to also massage our facial skin and muscles that are fixated for the most part when we are on the computer.
  2. Avoid toxic products in cosmetics and body creams – Avoid increasing your exposure to toxins that could mix up with the toxic chemicals and light fields from the computer to create even more toxic materials that could clog the pores in our skin and affect the light receptors.
  3. Wash you hair – This will provide an opportunity to massage the scalp and improve circulation as well as wash off the toxic chemicals and light rays that accumulate on the hair follicles as a result of the proximity to the screen.
  4. Brush your teeth regularly – Many people may wander what the teeth has to do with it. Because the facial nerves are connected, infection in your eye nerves or the nerves that serve the skin and muscles around the jaw could result in tooth nerve infection. If you are having a lot of tooth nerve pain and other dental issues, this may be why.

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Ergonomics, Exercise and the Computer Use Experience

Muscleloskeletal Pain and Suffering from Computer Use Can Be Reduced

A lot of people have heard of ergonomics (the science of designing the workplace to fit workers’ needs) at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have issued a lot of directives to handle workstation issues but computer related health conditions felt by the people I get to talk to seem to be on the increase. Nothing seems to be working to abate the problem and many have come to expect it as a way of life and what you need to suffer to make a living, put food on the table and have a roof over your head.

I have good news it can be better. Muscleloskeletal pain, Depression, Anxiety, Eye problems and many other issues people are suffering can be minimized.

Sure the computer will always hurt as it is sedentary and exposes us to so many electrical and chemical toxins and violates many of the fundamental coded way of human existence an example of which is that it forces us to look at a source of light at close proximity with little blink function activated.

When we work at the computer our eyes need to focus and refocus constantly because pixels are not the same as words on paper. Words on paper are static and as an IT profession I will tell you pixels are not static hence there is stress involved in viewing things on a computer screens or any other visual display terminal (cell phones, videogames etc.).

This is a big problem, as everything today seems to have a screen as manufacturers try to get us to buy “stuff” because they have come to realize that we are visual people more affected by our vision than anything else. What we see has more sway.

One thing I have noticed is that many people stay glued to their computers, cell phones (sending texts) etc. for too long without exercising the rest up their bodies apart from their fingers. This is contrary to our normal way of exercising most of our body muscles in concert when carrying out most of lives’ activities. This cannot be good for our health.

My advice is to take a bathroom break often. Walk over to a colleague and ask some questions. Look up and wave to someone across the hall with a smile, stretch if you can without drawing attention, walk round the office block during your lunch break, occasionally open the widow or door and take in some fresh air (remember to avoid the smoking sections). Indeed be creative in finding ways to exercise your body part so no part is overused and non underused. This is something you have to make a conscious effort of doing. It will not come automatically or painlessly if you have been guilty of no exercise for a long time. The rewards are however worth it. You will feel better. Your body will thank you for it. This is one of the many things you can do to help minimize the effect of computer use on your health. It is neither expensive nor onerous but it will save you tons of money in medical expenses and you will be a better person to live with.

See you next time. Send me your comments and learn more from my books available on my websites – and as well as at in print and in ebook format for most ebook readers including kindle, ipads, sony and so on.

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Both OSHA and NIOSH have very educational websites. You may want to visit them to see what your employer is expected to comply with in terms of workspace comfort and ensure you at least get that level of help.

Computer Use and the World of Make Belief

Virtual Entrapment is the Reality of Our Lives Today as Humans

Is everyone like me or am I the only one that has come to realize that as a human I over time became less and less able to deal with reality but lived in a fantasy world of my own making where what I believed or said or saw on the computer or television was more real than reality and anything that conflicted with that comfort zone I rejected as false.

That is how I came to believe computers did not hurt and was unable to tie the many issues of headaches, dry eyes, allergy and asthma like symptoms I was having to the unnatural nature o the computer use environment. Since nobody on television or the computer said it was a problem it could not be a problem or else the media would have blown the trumpet.

As a result of my own experience I am now better able to discern things, understand peoples behavior, help them better and be less judgmental knowing the root of their lack of concern.

It is not that people do not want to help themselves and want to commit a slow suicide by not taking the necessary measures to help them minimize the issues they face, the problem is that we are have all become deficient to different degree in the biochemicals that help us understand and appreciate the full consequences of our action.

It is like the high people get from drugs that make them feel invincible and which when they do not have they are unable to cope without, and find themselves unable to cope with the realities of life/.

It is this same thing that happens with the computer and all other visual display terminal gadgets such as cell phones, blackberries, television etc. You feel lost if you have not had a computer use shot, you get on the computer everyday even when not at work and when you have nothing in particular to surf for on the Internet and spend hours just idling away at the computer.

While on the computer you feel kind of exited from your daily shot and your ability to shut out reality and live in a virtual world that you can control and where the only reality is o your own choosing.

The cumulative effect of this kind of existence coupled with the make believe world thrown at us by the television and Hollywood, is a tendency to retreat into this make believe world anytime something unpleasant shows up. The result of all this escapism is that we are all gradually losing touch with reality.

It is manifested in our politics. It is also manifested in our online comments many of which sometimes do not correlate with the message of the article.

And just like with any other aphrodisiac, we have come to believe we are invincible.

Because in the case of the computer we are able to get continuous shots all day we never allow ourselves to get a low it is easily accessible and so we are never forced to reassess our behavior and decisions until the long term negative consequences come to roost and it too late to put in any preventive measures.

It is at that point we look for whom to blame or fix us and when we do not find anyone we become bitter all from not being proactive.

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Computer Use and the Growing Phenomenon of Teenage Depression and Other Mental Issues – Part II of a Two Part Article

Part II

….. Continued from Part I

Teenage depression. How did we get here from the age of the teenage years being the no worries age to that where kids have to worry about anti depressants like adults with lifetime consequences for their growing brains.

The technology age is a difficult one for parents. Computers, the Internet, video games, cell phones and so one are all double edged tools. They are useful for quick communication and carrying our some certain tasks as well as for keeping the children busy.

The problem is that their use must be monitored and controlled to prevent them from becoming a curse. Secondly, once in place, parents need to enforce the controls they put in place. Children cannot be left to control themselves. That part of the brain is not yet full developed in them. Even if they seem responsible parents need to follow up to avoid irreparable surprises.

Consequently, On the one hand parenting has become much more difficult than in previous generations while on the other hand the need to work long hours leaving children to their devises for long periods of time in order to put food on the table for these same children has become more acute..

Thus while the child needs the parent’s attention, the parent needs to spend more time trying to provide for the child. This conflict in many cases results in children being allowed to be on computer devices for too long.

It may therefore be a good preventive measure for parents and schools to monitor and set limits for computer use and exposure for these children. They may complain as teenager will always do and feel stifled but the discipline and the reduction in artificial light exposure will reap huge dividends in better mental health.

It may indeed also be a good thing for parents to spend quality time talking to their children to find out how computer use and internet exposure especially social websites, games, the news they read and online comments are affecting them. This should be done regularly

Further if any stressful incidence occurs locally or internationally that children get to know about, it is advisable to talk it out with them instead of allowing them to use their computers as their comforter as many people both children and adults seem to be doing in today’s world.

A computer is lifeless and cannot convey or filter emotions and can therefore not be a source of comfort for emotional stress. Reliance on it could therefore lead to feelings of emptiness, loneliness, anger, and depression and so on as serious biochemical imbalances set in.

Going for daily walks in the daytime and absorbing sunlight which is life containing and which is naturally coded to stimulate our brains to produce emotion balancing biochemicals as well as exercising, prayer, forgiving, talking to others, reading (especially reading the human computer user manual we call the Bible to gain a better understanding of how we are coded to be) and eating foods that provide the nutrients needed by the brain to produce these biochemicals would be a better bet.

Sadly, teenage depression is indeed a reality in today’s world and it is growing fueled in part by the heavily wired life we adult have bestowed upon them.

Computer Use and the Growing Phenomenon of Teenage Depression and Other Mental Issues – Part I of a Two Part Article

This is an article I wrote in 2010 that is still current today – Read and enjoy

There are many kinds of mental issues that afflict humans including depression, schizophrenia, Bi polar disorder and so on. Depression is a mental issue that afflicts many people in our society today. Mental issues are really a result of our inbuilt stress management system being overwhelmed in one or more areas.

In bygone years depression was considered an adult only issue. Today however, both adults and children are routinely diagnosed with depression unlike the pre computer age when children played around more, ate organic food, were less exposed to artificial light and childhood depression was a rare occurrence if ever seen.

Stress to our system can be generated by a host of things including the presence of toxins in our bodies. Other factors include chemical, genetic, nutritional and electrical imbalances. Imbalances can result from work or relationship issues as well as environmental and genetically inherited factors and so on.

At least four of the stress factors – Toxins and chemical, nutritional and electrical imbalance are inherent in computer use, making users susceptible to various mental issues including depression like symptoms. These imbalances and stresses could also make those with genetic susceptibility more at risk.

There is no age at which exposure to stressors cannot wreak havoc in the system. The risk for teenagers is increased by the fact that their brains and body functions are still in the developing phase and may not have developed the capacity for handling certain stresses at the time of exposure. This constant rapid brain change can also mask the problem for a long time before it is detected.

The fact is that the use of computer devices of all kinds including iPhones, cell phones, video games, classroom teaching and learning devises in school and at home for study and recreation may be placing unusually high demand on the body’s nutrient, nerve and brain messaging biochemicals beyond what the growing body can effectively handle. This has serious current as well as future implications for today’s youth.

The lure of light generating devises may be too much for teenagers to handle without parental or other adult control. If parents or guardians for example are not vigilant the trouble may not be detected for a long time.

Today’s teenagers grew up on the computer and so have been exposed to these stresses for quite a while with accumulative weakening consequences for their natural body anti stress mechanism.

Computer-related health conditions take a long time to fully manifest, which may be why so many seem to suddenly be having issues. It is a build up that is now erupting much like a volcano takes a long time to build up before it erupts.

If parents do not notice the problem until behavioral issues get out of hand, there could be permanent damage done that would have implication for the rest of a child’s life.

According to The National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), “National Survey confirms that youths are disproportionately affected by Mental Disorders.”. They also say that ” mental disorders most commonly start in early life”

….. to be continued in part II

Please be sure to read part II. I will be providing some very simple practical suggestions


National Institute for Mental Health article –

Computer Use Addiction

Computer Use Induces the Excessive Production of Dopamine, creating the Same Addictive Condition as Alcohol and Psychedelic Drugs

Many people may suspect that they and other computer users they know are excessive users of computer devices such as laptops, desktops, cell phones, iPads, iPhones, video games and so on.

Many people find they feel a need to constantly be on one computer device or the other especially those that enable online access even when they do not have to.

This is a sign of computer use addiction. They also may feel or realize that they have a certain feeling of satisfaction and of being in control, able to do whatever they like without inhibition or have a heady feeling that they do not have to exercise self discipline or self control when using these devices.

They may feel a compulsion to get back on these devices even when they have a headache, feel irritable or have a problem with the glare in a bid to continue this uninhibited false feeling of freedom to do as they please.

This is the same experience that people who are addicted to other things such as alcohol, psychedelic drugs and so on experience. These feelings may be amplified if their social life is computer device dependent especially if it is emailing, texting and social website dependent.

If in addition, work communication is totally email dependent, an individual may be so highly wired up and lose so much of the ability to handle non computer based conversation that they are unable to express themselves properly in regular human contact situations. This could result in a host of emotional problems such as frustration, anger and disappointment at being misunderstood by others.

In some cases, individuals may fall into virtual entrapment and become trapped in a fantasy world of their own unable to handle reality. Today there are virtual worlds created online where individuals can buy virtual property, have a virtual family and have a virtual life that is under their control just the way they want it hence dehumanizing the human life experience. These virtual worlds are very expensive.

The health hazards as we can see, are multifaceted as brain biochemicals become depleted resulting in over firing of excitative ones like dopamine and noradrenalin, which in turn could result in severe biochemical imbalances and subsequent behavioral and mental issues over time as well as issues mimicking heart, allergy and organ malfunction problems as well as cancer

I hope I have began to get you to start thinking about your computer use and the need for moderation and control to avoid excessive addiction Thank you for reading and for your comments.

Year 2015 New Year resolutions for the wired person

Who is a wired person and why would such a person need a New Year resolution?

In today’s world, most of us are wired people as we spend most of the day wired to one electronic gadget or another. We feel a compulsion to be connected not to other people in face to face conversation but to electronic devises that provide a feeling of empowerment, for example, computers, ipads, cell phones and so on.

New Year resolutions are the fad for most people each year, as they contemplate on what happened in their lives during the year and think of areas they want or need to improve on.

Many people make resolutions involving their health, exercise regimen, diet, finances, jobs, prayer life, church attendance and so on

Wired people are no different as they are most people in today’s world and consequently are in the New Year resolution making business

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Computer use induced depressive emotions feel like Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depressive disorder felt during the winter months when the availability of sunlight both in terms of intensity and duration of sunlight hours is low.

Many people become deficient in a class of biochemicals called inhibitory neurotransmitters such as serotonin and Gamma Amino butyric acid (GABA) leading to feelings of depression and inability to cope with life.

Many find themselves crying, feeling hurt unable to take criticism, cranky and unable to handle even a hint of the simplest arguments.

This syndrome is sometimes called the winter blues. To handle thee situation many just avoid others. Family members of sufferers get most of the brunt as their lives are turned into a hot mess or fighting match on a continuous basis.

How does this match up with computer use induced depressive symptoms?

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This syndrome is sometimes called the winter blues. To handle thee situation many just avoid others. Family members of sufferers get most of the brunt as their lives are turned into a hot mess or fighting match on a continuous basis.

How does this match up with computer use induced depressive symptoms?

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