Year 2015 New Year resolutions for the wired person

Who is a wired person and why would such a person need a New Year resolution?

In today’s world, most of us are wired people as we spend most of the day wired to one electronic gadget or another. We feel a compulsion to be connected not to other people in face to face conversation but to electronic devises that provide a feeling of empowerment, for example, computers, ipads, cell phones and so on.

New Year resolutions are the fad for most people each year, as they contemplate on what happened in their lives during the year and think of areas they want or need to improve on.

Many people make resolutions involving their health, exercise regimen, diet, finances, jobs, prayer life, church attendance and so on

Wired people are no different as they are most people in today’s world and consequently are in the New Year resolution making business

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