Computer Use and the World of Make Belief

Virtual Entrapment is the Reality of Our Lives Today as Humans

Is everyone like me or am I the only one that has come to realize that as a human I over time became less and less able to deal with reality but lived in a fantasy world of my own making where what I believed or said or saw on the computer or television was more real than reality and anything that conflicted with that comfort zone I rejected as false.

That is how I came to believe computers did not hurt and was unable to tie the many issues of headaches, dry eyes, allergy and asthma like symptoms I was having to the unnatural nature o the computer use environment. Since nobody on television or the computer said it was a problem it could not be a problem or else the media would have blown the trumpet.

As a result of my own experience I am now better able to discern things, understand peoples behavior, help them better and be less judgmental knowing the root of their lack of concern.

It is not that people do not want to help themselves and want to commit a slow suicide by not taking the necessary measures to help them minimize the issues they face, the problem is that we are have all become deficient to different degree in the biochemicals that help us understand and appreciate the full consequences of our action.

It is like the high people get from drugs that make them feel invincible and which when they do not have they are unable to cope without, and find themselves unable to cope with the realities of life/.

It is this same thing that happens with the computer and all other visual display terminal gadgets such as cell phones, blackberries, television etc. You feel lost if you have not had a computer use shot, you get on the computer everyday even when not at work and when you have nothing in particular to surf for on the Internet and spend hours just idling away at the computer.

While on the computer you feel kind of exited from your daily shot and your ability to shut out reality and live in a virtual world that you can control and where the only reality is o your own choosing.

The cumulative effect of this kind of existence coupled with the make believe world thrown at us by the television and Hollywood, is a tendency to retreat into this make believe world anytime something unpleasant shows up. The result of all this escapism is that we are all gradually losing touch with reality.

It is manifested in our politics. It is also manifested in our online comments many of which sometimes do not correlate with the message of the article.

And just like with any other aphrodisiac, we have come to believe we are invincible.

Because in the case of the computer we are able to get continuous shots all day we never allow ourselves to get a low it is easily accessible and so we are never forced to reassess our behavior and decisions until the long term negative consequences come to roost and it too late to put in any preventive measures.

It is at that point we look for whom to blame or fix us and when we do not find anyone we become bitter all from not being proactive.

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Computer Use Addiction

Computer Use Induces the Excessive Production of Dopamine, creating the Same Addictive Condition as Alcohol and Psychedelic Drugs

Many people may suspect that they and other computer users they know are excessive users of computer devices such as laptops, desktops, cell phones, iPads, iPhones, video games and so on.

Many people find they feel a need to constantly be on one computer device or the other especially those that enable online access even when they do not have to.

This is a sign of computer use addiction. They also may feel or realize that they have a certain feeling of satisfaction and of being in control, able to do whatever they like without inhibition or have a heady feeling that they do not have to exercise self discipline or self control when using these devices.

They may feel a compulsion to get back on these devices even when they have a headache, feel irritable or have a problem with the glare in a bid to continue this uninhibited false feeling of freedom to do as they please.

This is the same experience that people who are addicted to other things such as alcohol, psychedelic drugs and so on experience. These feelings may be amplified if their social life is computer device dependent especially if it is emailing, texting and social website dependent.

If in addition, work communication is totally email dependent, an individual may be so highly wired up and lose so much of the ability to handle non computer based conversation that they are unable to express themselves properly in regular human contact situations. This could result in a host of emotional problems such as frustration, anger and disappointment at being misunderstood by others.

In some cases, individuals may fall into virtual entrapment and become trapped in a fantasy world of their own unable to handle reality. Today there are virtual worlds created online where individuals can buy virtual property, have a virtual family and have a virtual life that is under their control just the way they want it hence dehumanizing the human life experience. These virtual worlds are very expensive.

The health hazards as we can see, are multifaceted as brain biochemicals become depleted resulting in over firing of excitative ones like dopamine and noradrenalin, which in turn could result in severe biochemical imbalances and subsequent behavioral and mental issues over time as well as issues mimicking heart, allergy and organ malfunction problems as well as cancer

I hope I have began to get you to start thinking about your computer use and the need for moderation and control to avoid excessive addiction Thank you for reading and for your comments.