Computer Use and the Growing Phenomenon of Teenage Depression and Other Mental Issues – Part II of a Two Part Article

Part II

….. Continued from Part I

Teenage depression. How did we get here from the age of the teenage years being the no worries age to that where kids have to worry about anti depressants like adults with lifetime consequences for their growing brains.

The technology age is a difficult one for parents. Computers, the Internet, video games, cell phones and so one are all double edged tools. They are useful for quick communication and carrying our some certain tasks as well as for keeping the children busy.

The problem is that their use must be monitored and controlled to prevent them from becoming a curse. Secondly, once in place, parents need to enforce the controls they put in place. Children cannot be left to control themselves. That part of the brain is not yet full developed in them. Even if they seem responsible parents need to follow up to avoid irreparable surprises.

Consequently, On the one hand parenting has become much more difficult than in previous generations while on the other hand the need to work long hours leaving children to their devises for long periods of time in order to put food on the table for these same children has become more acute..

Thus while the child needs the parent’s attention, the parent needs to spend more time trying to provide for the child. This conflict in many cases results in children being allowed to be on computer devices for too long.

It may therefore be a good preventive measure for parents and schools to monitor and set limits for computer use and exposure for these children. They may complain as teenager will always do and feel stifled but the discipline and the reduction in artificial light exposure will reap huge dividends in better mental health.

It may indeed also be a good thing for parents to spend quality time talking to their children to find out how computer use and internet exposure especially social websites, games, the news they read and online comments are affecting them. This should be done regularly

Further if any stressful incidence occurs locally or internationally that children get to know about, it is advisable to talk it out with them instead of allowing them to use their computers as their comforter as many people both children and adults seem to be doing in today’s world.

A computer is lifeless and cannot convey or filter emotions and can therefore not be a source of comfort for emotional stress. Reliance on it could therefore lead to feelings of emptiness, loneliness, anger, and depression and so on as serious biochemical imbalances set in.

Going for daily walks in the daytime and absorbing sunlight which is life containing and which is naturally coded to stimulate our brains to produce emotion balancing biochemicals as well as exercising, prayer, forgiving, talking to others, reading (especially reading the human computer user manual we call the Bible to gain a better understanding of how we are coded to be) and eating foods that provide the nutrients needed by the brain to produce these biochemicals would be a better bet.

Sadly, teenage depression is indeed a reality in today’s world and it is growing fueled in part by the heavily wired life we adult have bestowed upon them.

The Silent, Ignored Global Epidemic – Part I of a Three Part Article

The Real Threat that Computer Related Health Conditions Pose to Our Global Economy and Civilization

Most people privately acknowledge that computer related health issues affect everyone but no one takes them seriously. In public no one want to touch the topic because of a mistaken fear that it will lead to many people not using the computer and affect our economy.

The truth is that it is not acknowledging there is a problem and learning how to minimize it so it does not become devastating that is threatening to turn us into a world of irreversibly broken human computers. Such a situation will actually force most people to become unable to work with the computer regardless of whether they want to or not. No one knows how much time we have left before the situation becomes irreversible and a change from technological advancement is force upon us as a survival strategy. This is a very likely scenario because of our mistaken belief that everything can be medicated.

This is a preventable outcome if we choose to operate outside of the box of unwarranted fear we have boxed ourselves into.

In fact our current state of denial is evidence of the negative effect the various electrical and chemical imbalance inherent in computer use exposure has on our biochemical balance. We are unable to understand and grasp the full consequences and seriousness of the various symptoms of headaches, vision problems, dry eyes, eye pain, inability to relax, nervousness, depression, feelings of being overwhelmed, attention deficit, body pain, incessant hunger and thirst, chest pain and so on that we all feel when using the computer or after cessation of use.

This is evidence of the depletion of various biochemicals such as Dopamine, gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), Serotonin and nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin, B and so on that are important for effective nerve messaging systems. When the receptors that enable the messaging system that tells the brain the seriousness of work or activity stress are lacking in these nutrients and biochemicals, our judgment on the importance and implications of situations become impaired.

To be continued in Part II……….

In Part II. I will provide more information about this issue and in Part III I will provide information on how I came about all this knowledge and my own personal experience.

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I also have several websites and blogs dedicated to this topic including the one you are at right now and several others that have a lot of information, all aimed at educating us all.

I hope I have made you begin to think. Please read all the three parts of this article and help yourself and all you know. You can be a long-term computer user without self-destroying but you must first acknowledge the need to do something. All the solutions are natural, cheap and do not involve medication. In fact medicine is stressful to the body, one that is already weakened from the health effects of computer use should not be medicated. That will increase the stress and start a new problems involving unnecessary costs that could bankrupt us as a nation and globally. We therefore need to change the way we have been looking at this issue if we want to remain a healthy prosperous population on earth

Tell me about your computer related health issue experience. Ask questions and I will try and help as much as I can. One thing though, you must not self diagnose just look for a doctor who is ready to use other measures apart from medication as you will need close monitoring and some tests to identify what is depleted or missing. These tests do not show everything but are a good starting point.